Over the last 30 years, I have had a lot of fun doing a wide variety of art.  About a year ago I realised that, if I was to continue doing art, I needed to pause.

In short: I needed to look back over the last thirty years of work and organise it, catalogue it into the five major areas in which I have worked, take photographs of it all, and then give it all away to family and friends.

Of course I kept a few pieces that my wife or I just could not part with, as they had too much sentimental value.  The rest, however, we gave away.

Why?  Well, we gave it away not just to clear space for me to do new things, but also because art is meant to be enjoyed -- not sitting on a shelf or in an art filing cabinet collecting dust.

The process has been incredibly therapeutic, especially when you see the joy it brings people -- and it is rather wild, because you just cannot predict who is going to like what, and just when you think, "Oh, i am going to throw that away, nobody wants it!," someone goes, "What are you doing, I love that piece!" 

The final step, of course, was to create an online retrospective.  Both so others can enjoy the work I have done and also, when I am sad bout missing a piece of art, I can see it here and be happy again.